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How to Start Blocking European Traffic

1. Create your EziGDPR account

If you haven't already done so, create your free account to get started. We only need a few details from you and we promise we'll keep them private.

During this process, you'll also add your first website, which brings us to:



2. Add a websiteApp Selection Dashboard

You'll do this as part of initial registration, but if you want to block European traffic to a new website, or already have an account, then you from the Websites console at the top of your dashboard, you can just click on "Add website" to set up a new product.



3. Choose your productApp Selection - GDPR Compliance

In this case, we're looking to block EU traffic in order to limit our GDPR liability. As such, we'll select the EU Visitor Blocker.




4. Confirm your website detailsWebsites List

Make sure you've entered the right details for the website you'll be shielding from EU visits.



5. Customise your installCustomise EU Traffic Blocker - Colours Text

After confirming your site, your product will be created and you'll be taken to your settings screen. Here you can customise your EU Visitor Blocker to suit your branding. These options are available in the Customise your popup section.

To make it your own, you can edit:

  • The logo displayed on the block screen
  • The colour scheme of the message box
  • The wording contained in the message box


6. Install our JavaScript snippet on your websiteAdd JS Snippet

It's really easy.

For detailed instructions and other tips for many popular platforms (including plain HTML), see the other resources in this section.



7. Validate your installationCheck Tag - Not Found

We have an automated tool for checking your website, so you can easily verify your installation. Before you install our tag, you'll see "Tag not found" - this will show "Tag found" once you've completed installation.Check Tag - Found

To manually re-check, just click the "Check now" button.



8. Update your privacy and/or cookie policiesPrivacy Policy Snippet

Using the details we provide, which includes the specific cookie ID of your installation, update your privacy policy (and cookie policy if you have one) to give users as much information you can about this service. Note that we fully anonymise data for all visitors from the EU.

We also suggest updating your terms and conditions page to begin with a clear statement that your website is not for EU visitors and any Eurpoean visitors must leave immediately.



That's ItEU Blocked Visitor Screenshot

As you can see, even when broken down into so many steps, it's really simple to install our EU Visitor Blocker and begin blocking European web traffic in just 5 minutes.

If you need any help, experience any problems, or even want to request new features, don't be shy and contact us - we're a friendly team.