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GDPR Compliance Kit

What does the GDPR Compliance Kit Include?

Our GDPR Compliance Kit includes a range of features ready to go, and also an exciting development pipeline with an active, expert team.

Current GDPR Compliance features for your website include:


  1. Tag manager to organise and categorise your analytics, marketing and tracking tags (e.g. Google Analytics, Facebook pixels).
  2. User consent form to get opt-in consent for data collection before your tags fire. This is very important as firing tags before asking for permission means you've already collected data when they say no. Few other GDPR solutions deal with this problem.
  3. User consent audit reports which allows you to see the full consent history of any user based on their anonymous cookie ID - giving you some back-up should any legal disputes arise.
  4. Data rights request forms to allow users to easily make requests for data access, rectification, erasure and portability. These are GDPR requirement and we enable you to meet them elegantly with a single line of code.
  5. Data requests management dashboard where you can track all requests you receive, update their status (new, in progress and completed) and attach evidence to completed requests, to avoid future disputes or confusion.
  6. Privacy policy tips including the ID of your unique cookie to track permissions.

How do I install the GDPR Compliance Kit?

Check out our installation guides


Create your account to get started. Once you're logged in, go to your Websites dashboard and add a new site, choosing GDPR Compliance Kit. Copy the JavaScript code we provide you and paste it into your website code, right after the first <head> tag at the top of the page. Do this for all <head> tags in your site / templates.

If your website uses a template or theme, you might find this insider a header.html/php or similar file in your theme folder. Some website structures may need you to edit each page one by one.

Consider doing a search for <head> in your entire site folder, as it's important the script is included on every page of your site.

Once you've done that, update your privacy policy with the cookie / data information provided, then copy our Data Right Request code samples into your privacy policy.

Who sees the opt-in form? Only visitors in EU or worldwide?

That's up to you! In your EziGDPR admin dashboard, under Customise your popup, click on Country Targeting to see your current settings, then hit the Change Countries button if you want to change it.

Options are:

  • Show to EU Visitors only
  • Show to all visitors (most compliant)
  • Do not show to anyone (not compliant)

It's only shown on the first visit to your site, or when the anonymous settings cookie has expired or been cleared.


General Information

Do you guarantee GDPR compliance?

Absolutely not. The GDPR is a complex and far reaching set of regulations that are far beyond the scope of any single GDPR compliance tool or set of GDPR tools. The EU Traffic Blocker we provide is intended as a starting point for mitigating compliance risks, but is not a substitute for bespoke legal advice and a technical review of all of your systems and existing data.

Can I just block EU visitors instead?

We used to provide an EU visitor blocker product but due to recent changes by leading web browsers we are unable to continue providing the EU Visitor Blocker with a reasonable level of confidence in it's reliability. 

The GDPR Compliance Kit will continue to be available and has always been the best solution for GDPR compliance.

I need help, who am I gonna call?

If you're having problems using our GDPR Visitor Blocker, feel free to send us a message through our online contact form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Of course, premium subscribers will take preference in the queue.