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The Ezi-est GDPR website compliance tool

Scan your website to find and add your tags for opt-in consent. We'll show you how to tweak your HTML and policy wording, and unlike other GDPR tools, we obtain consent before deploying tags.

GDPR website compliance has never been this Ezi!

EziGDPR Compliance Kit Features

GDPR Compliance Kit

  • version 1 of our user interface permissions agreement

    Choose from an attractive, non-blocking page banner, or....

  • version 2 of our user interface permissions agreement

    Or opt for an opening 'accept all' prompt.

  • version 3 of our user interface permissions agreement

    Alternatively, go straight in with clear, granular categorised options.

  • example of our tag wizard

    Our GDPR website scanner detects scripts, pixels and other tracking tags in your HTML code. We'll show you where they are, and guide you through configuration.

  • example of our data rights request form

    Receive Data Rights Requests through an attractive form, and track them through your admin console.

As of May 25th, all websites serving EU customers must comply with strict new regulations called GDPR.

Non-compliance sites may face huge fines of €20 million or 4% of global turnover, whichever is higher.

Don't risk GDPR non-compliance.

EziGDPR - Simple tools to shield yourself from GDPR liability

We've done the research and developed the tools, so you don't have to.

The progressive option

GDPR Compliance Kit

Take care of the core parts of achieving a GDPR compliant website.

Our Compliance Kit aids your GDPR compliance journey by allowing EU visitors to opt-in or out of data sharing on your website, and provides tools to accommodate and manage data rights requests.

GDPR compliance the Ezi way.

The mitigation option

EU Visitor Blocker

If you're not targeting EU users - limit your GDPR exposure by blocking EU users.

For websites without the resources or desire to continue targetting EU visitors, we've created a simple but effective tool to block EU based users from visiting your site. Set it up and install in minutes.

GDPR risk mitigation the Ezi way.

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