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Solution: GDPR Compliance Kit

EziGDPR's Compliance Kit include...

  • Tag Manager

    Easy to use GDPR Compliance Tag Manager for managing tracking tags and remarketing tools

  • User Permissions Widgets

    Allow website users to make permission alterations with the change preferences tool

  • Data Rights Request Forms

    Allow website users to access, rectification, portability & removal

Why do we need a compliance kit?

Thanks to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), websites can no longer track users, save their information or use third party processors without explicit permission or another valid legal basis.

Users must be able to make Data Right Requests at any time, and they must be delivered within 30 days. You need tools to let them do this, and to keep track of the requests.

Start your GDPR compliance journey...
from $15 a month, including a 30 day free trial

How it works for...

For Website Users

  1. First Visit

    On first visit, allow users to establish their personal data collection preferences.

    These can be changed via a link that you can insert into your privacy policy.

  2. Data Requests

    Users can make data rights requests via a link you can insert into your privacy policy.

    These requests cover (access, rectification, portability & removal)

For Website Administration

  1. Set up

    Categorise your tags to allow for GDPR Compliant granular permission management.

  2. Manage

    Track and manage personal data requests.

    Adjust audience to display privacy permissions popups.

    Customise appearance of your permissions and data request modals.

  3. Privacy Policy

    Assistance with privacy policy inserts in keeping with your tag management settings.

What tools come in the kit?

EziGDPR's Compliance Kit includes…

  • Granular data collection request form for first time visitors
  • Easy to use Tag Manager for managing tracking tags and remarketing tools
  • Change preferences tool to allow permission alterations
  • Data rights request forms (access, rectification, portability & removal)
  • Data rights request management admin dashboard - track requests, monitor progress and mark completions
  • PLUS: Access to all new features and upgrades (and we have very exciting features pipeline right now)

Start your GDPR compliance journey...
from $15 a month, including a 30 day free trial

Time is of the essence

From May 25th 2018, the European Union will begin to enforce its new GDPR . The GDPR contains provisions to fine website owners 4% of global revenue, or €20 million - whichever is higher.

The most obvious & visible step you can take towards compliance is to bring your website inline and provide the permissions and data tools users must have access to. The first step towards doing this is our GDPR Compliance Kit.

Enjoy all of our GDPR Compliance Kit features completely free for 30 days - no credit card details required!

At the end of your 30 day trial, you may choose to provide your credit card details and continue your journey towards compliance.