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Is it GDPR compliant to block EU visitors?

This article is opinion only, and is no substitute for personalised, professional legal advice.   Our solution - it's in the detail We must also be clear that this article references our specific solution...  Read more

Not in the EU? 1 Simple Step to Mitigate your GDPR Risk

Non-EU websites: One step to minimise your GDPR risk. The GDPR is an extremely wide reaching set of rules for businesses and even individual’s websites to adhere to, no matter what size the...  Read more

What is the GDPR?

This is a very short summary, but we hope it will shed some light on this mysterious new beast. Jump to: A short summary of GDPR What are the penalties? How can I...  Read more

Why appoint a data protection officer if we dont have to?

So you’ve read our post asking ‘do we need a Data Protection Officer’  and you’ve hopefully checked out the GDPR wording. You’ve hopefully had your legal folks review it for you also, before...  Read more

Do we need a Data Protection Officer?

It’s a big question, and an important one. Article 37(1) of the GDPR requires the designation of a DPO in three specific cases. Do any of the following apply to the nature of...  Read more

What is privacy by design?

The idea behind privacy by design is to build systems and processes in which data doesn’t need protecting. This is achieved through ‘data minimization.’ Essentially, we want to build systems where we don’t...  Read more