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Not in the EU? 1 Simple Step to Mitigate your GDPR Risk

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Non-EU websites: One step to minimise your GDPR risk.

The GDPR is an extremely wide reaching set of rules for businesses and even individual’s websites to adhere to, no matter what size the organisation. The penalties for non-compliance could be crippling.

If you’re not based in the EU, and don’t need to provide services or sell goods to the EU, then there is an easy short term solution:

1. Stop serving your website to EU visitors.

By blocking traffic from EU visitors, and updating your terms to reflect this policy, you can send a clear signal that you’re not in the scope of the GDPR and therefore not at risk of their EUR20 million penalties for non-compliance.

How do I block EU website visitors?

Simple – we do it for you. Our Visitor Blocking tool detects where a user is coming from, and if they’re in the EU, we direct them away from your site to our customisable ‘website blocked’ page. We do this before the content of your site has loaded, which is important because otherwise your site may collect Analytics data, and other information that the EU now considers personal data.

Installing our EU Visitor Blocking tool is easy, we provide you a single line of JavaScript code to insert into your website / template, and we handle the rest – safely and securely. We even provide a basic version that’s free - forever.

Of course, in the long term we advocate complying with best practices in privacy and data security and we also offer tools for those on this journey; but we understand it’s a long and costly road, and hope our EU Visitor Blocker will provide you with some peace of mind along the way.