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Say GDPR One More Time

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GDPR readiness is serious business, so between all the research and emails about privacy policies, we thought you might appreciate a little bit of GDPR meme comedy

Let us know if we missed your favourite GDPR joke or meme!


Say GDPR One More Time!

Say GDPR One More Time

Say GDPR One More Time v2


All those GDPR emails though!



GDPR Aliens email meme


And then the rest... 

GDPR Doesn't Mean what you think it means


GDPR Don't Always Consent Meme


GDPR Not Ready Kim K Crying


One does not simply violate GDPR


Santa GDPR Violation Meme


Shocking-GDPR Fines Amount meme


Star wars into GDPR meme


Will-Farrell-GDPR-Meme Not Ready